CONTAG carries out active and comprehensive environmental management. Regular discussions about environmental questions and determining measures to be taken ensure that all of the technological processes to manufacture circuit boards are constantly developed for environmental aspects.

  • Active protection of the environment as a company goal: CONTAG takes an active role in the maintenance of the natural basis for life, by taking account of the protection of the environment during our activities.

  • The conservation of natural resources: We try to conserve resources by having operational goals which are compatible with the environment. To support this aim, we face up to external audits.

  • Conformance to laws relevant to the environment: It is a matter of course that we energetically conform to laws and regulations which are relevant to the environment.

  • Manufacture while protecting the environment: It is our aim to make products so that the environment is protected as much as is possible.

  • Motivation and ongoing staff training: We would like to motivate, train and continue to train our staff so that they can do their jobs in a responsible and environmentally compatible way.

  • Company culture: Through our open working climate, we encourage and maintain environmental activities, and encourage discussions with our staff as well as with the public.


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