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Event "Young people off of the street"

Fund raising event - why?

On the occasion of the inauguration of our new premises, we have decided to launch the fund raising event "Young people off of the street and into sport", which should support a variety of charitable projects by and for young people in Berlin-Spandau.

Numerous guests at our inaugural celebration followed our request to replace presents with a donation to a Spandau sport and youth project, so that an amount of 6,500 could be collected. Under the patronage of Harald Wolf, senator for industry, technology and women, the cheque for the donation was handed over on 27th July 2007. The money will be invested in the support of children and young people with a disability as well as events and self-organised leisure activities on the skateboard facility in Berlin-Spandau. A cheque of 4,000 was handed over for youth work in the public skateboard facility in Berlin-Spandau, and a cheque of 2,500 for the disabled climbing project in Spandau.

Many thanks to everyone who made a donation.

Photos of the presentation of the donations


Presentation of the cheque to the public skateboard arena project in Berlin-Spandau. From left to right: Andreas Contag, Senator for Commerce Wolf, representatives from Staakkato e.V.


Presentation of the cheque to the disabled climbing project in Spandau. From left to right: Andreas Contag, Senator for Commerce Wolf, representatives from Behinderten-Sportverbands e.V.


Senator for commerce Wolf in conver-
sation with counsellor Meys,
Andreas Contag and the recipients of
the donation


Representatives of Staakkato e.V. and the Behinderten-Sportverbandes after receiving the cheques


Andreas Contag during an interview
for TV


Andreas Contag in discussion with Harald Wolf

Project 1: Public skateboard arena in Berlin-Spandau

Supported by Berlin Rides e.V. and Staakkato e.V.

The skateboard arenas in Berlin-Spandau are popular gathering places for many young people in their leisure time. This type of sport presents an important alternative to what might otherwise lead to juvenile delinquency or drug abuse. The organisation of events and contests is an important aspect, to strengthen the community and to keep the young people "off of the street" in the long term. For professional and properly organised support CONTAG would like to support the Berlin-Rides e.V. project team as well as Staakkato e.V. via Berlin-Spandau's borough authority (Bezirksamt).

Project managed by: Bezirksamt Spandau, Ms. Ursula Meys (counsellor) together with Berlin Rides e.V. and Staakkato e.V.

Project 2: Climbing centre in Berlin-Spandau

Therapeutic climbing for disabled young people

Voluntary commitment has led to the formation of an enthusiastic team at the "B-Travern" school, with the aim of establishing the latest type of sport, therapeutic climbing. Children and young people with disabilities have the chance of learning this new type of sport owing to the special support provided and the equipment for the climbing wall. Assistance is needed for the expansion and for the purchase of new, larger climbing grips and ropes.

Project managed by:Behinderten-Sportverband Berlin e.V., Mr. Klaas Brose (general manager)


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