System of delivery times


Delivery times of the CONTAG AG

Why a system of delivery times?

  • It's your choice and with CONTAG AG you can set your own deadline for the delivery of your printed circuit boards, without having to give prior notice.
  • 3 days is STANDARD, but quicker delivery is possible. Our maxim is to be the quickest manufacturer of printed circuit boards in Europe.
  • If you need it really quickly, then the delivery of a simple printed circuit board can take from about 4 hours, a complex multilayer board from about 14 hours, to your premises.

Delivery conditions  Time from  Supplementary charges for set up  Supplementary charges for circuit board  
Public holiday    on request  on request  
Hyper Speed  4 hrs  + 100%  + 200%  
Top Speed  24 hrs  + 50%  + 100%  
EXPRESS  2 WD  + 25%  + 50%  
STANDARD  3 WD  ----  ----  
Easy pace  8 WD  - 5%  - 10%  

The delivery time system right from the start - a typical EXPRESS job

  • The production of a quotation first requires all of the relevant technical parameters and the delivery dates to be agreed. This may take just a few minutes, but after no more than 60 minutes, you will have your personal quotation for the job.
  • 10 minutes after the arrival of your order, the CAM operator will receive your data for processing. After inspecting your data and running an extensive design rules check, the delivery date and time and the price will be confirmed.
  • After 30 minutes, the manufacture will start on several systems, at the same time. Photoplots will be produced of the individual layers, the base material will be drilled and EXPRESS production will be coordinated with all departments.
  • 120 minutes after the arrival of your order, your printed circuit board will already be in the chemical baths.
  • A comprehensive final inspection of the printed circuit boards follows after a few hours, which guarantees high quality. The printed circuit boards will be packaged for shipping.


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