2006-2010 New building

A fantastic piece of land where dreams can come true.

Just made for the implementation of great plans. At 16.700 mē, the available space is far more than was planned, but if the growth over the last 10 years continues... Two possible extensions for the coming decade(s) were already considered by the architects.


The architect was asked to plan a modern building, which emphasised the high technology nature of the company. A lot of emphasis was placed on good communications and short distances between staff and departments.

Visitors come into the building to find themselves bathed in light in an atrium, which links all of the offices together. A connecting tract provides the transition from the office building to the production building at the rear. Over a total of 2.000 mē, four times the production capacity will be built up with many new production lines.

The office building
  • 2 storeys, atrium in the centre
  • Concrete roofs (concrete supports, 30 cm diameter), flat roof
  • Masonry partially with brick, plasterboard walls.
  • Large glass facade
  • Cavity floor for optical cabling and other infrastructure
  • Floors: natural stone and carpet

Production hall
  • Ready made concrete parts
  • Main supports, trusses, purlins
  • Flat roof
  • Partitions: plasterboard with windows
  • Flooring: acid-proof


 Old  New  Later development  
Plot of land    17,000 mē    
Office space  400 m²  1,000 m²  3,000 m²  
Production space  900 m²  2,000 m²  6,000 m²  
Capacity boards/day  12 m² (85 blanks)  48 m² (350 blanks)    

Investments & attendant costs

Investments  Amount in million EUR  
Plot of land  0,8  
Building  3,5  
Machines and fittings  2,5  
Intermediate total  6,8  
Auxiliary costs    
Auxiliary financial costs  0,4  
Interest  2,8  
Total sum  10,0  


The "New Premises 2006/2007" project has created many new jobs. 22 new jobs were planned, but even during the planning phase (April 2006) it was clear that over 50 new jobs would be created. In addition to this, the new building was planned so that other new buildings could be added if growth continues, with correspondingly positive effects on the number of jobs.


Your personal contact

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Assistant to the general
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