While the reliability and precision of chemical and mechanical processing steps are ensured by documented analyses throughout the process together with maintenance measures, every circuit board is nevertheless subject to extensive intermediate and final tests. This ensures that possible sources of errors can be quickly detected and permanently resolved.

  • Check of the customer data (DRC - Design Rule Check)

  • Incoming material check

  • Intermediate checks during the manufacture of the circuit board

  • Cutting sections for analysis

  • Thermal shock tests

  • Sample tests

  • Microscopic investigations

  • Special, internal audits (quarterly)

  • Internal audits (every 6 months)

  • External audits (annually)

  • Customer audits

  • Final electrical tests

  • Final visual inspection of the circuit boards

  • Check that all manufacturing documentation has been correctly produced

If you, as a customer, do not provide any other specification, the circuit boards will be checked against the high requirements of the internationally recognised IPC-A-600, class II standard.


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