1st place in quality competition

On 3rd July 2002, CONTAG as a manufacturer of printed circuit boards, received the Berlin-Brandenburg Quality Prize 2002 for "Excellent quality management". The award ceremony for 1st place was held in the Heraldic Hall in Berlin's "Red" town hall, and the award was made by Brandenburg's Minister for Industry & Commerce.

The award
  • recognises the performance of the company and its staff, who could show outstanding results in the practical implementation of a comprehensive quality management system.
  • emphasises the significance of quality as a growth factor for industry
  • strengthens the company's position when competing nationally and internationally

This was analysed
The assessment followed the model from the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), which is also the basis on which the Ludwig-Erhard prize is awarded. The assessment model is based on 9 criteria (see illustration to the right).

This is what was revealed
"High quality was produced at CONTAG at a tremendous speed", according to the jury following the audit.
  • Competence: Above average number of training events, internal training courses and technical events ensure the high level of technical competence
  • Motivated staff: Decisions made quickly, clear presentation of aims and results as well as flat hierarchies all resulted in a very positive working atmosphere.
  • Innovation: Readiness to invest meant that the machine park is modern. The newest technology is constantly used, thus ensuring the high product quality.
  • Quality: When assessing CONTAG GmbH, the five auditors found that improvements were constantly aimed for. Total Quality Management (TQM) is firmly anchored in all levels of the company.

Outstanding results
  • Speed of making quotations: Customer requests such as price enquiries or technical clarification were dealt with immediately.
  • Speed of manufacture: CONTAG is the fastest manufacturer of printed circuit boards in the prototyping sector and thus takes a leading position in Germany.
  • Reliability: Customer surveys confirm 1. Excellent reliability of delivery dates
    2. High technical competence and 3. Close cooperation with customers


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