Family friendly

The inclusion of families in company events is an essential component in our company culture. This also includes measures towards a family-friendly human resources policy. On this basis, staff and their families can identify with the company's goals and their motivation is then high for their daily tasks.

  • Working time model

  • With differing models for working time, staff can flexibly organise their working time, depending upon the amount of work that there is to do. More

  • Flexible breaks

  • Flexible rules for taking breaks makes it easier for staff to deal with appointments. More

  • Holiday rules

  • Personal circumstances are considered when planning company holidays, as far as is at all possible. The "first come, first serve" principle does not apply at all at the company.

  • Special leave

  • For staff with children, the option of taking a few days of special leave, means that they can relax at work as they know that, in urgent cases, leave will be approved unbureaucratically.

  • Staged part-time work

  • A staged increase in working time makes it easier for staff to come back to work after taking a break for a baby. Coming back to work after an extended illness has successfully been done a number of times, using the "Hamburg" rehabilitation model.

  • Parent & child working room

  • In emergencies, staff can bring their children to work and then work in the parent & child working room. More

  • Relocation service

  • Active support is provided to new staff in planning for a move and for visits to public authorities. More

  • Company canteen

  • Children and parents can eat together in the canteen (e.g. after school). More

  • Temporary jobs for relatives

  • Staff partners or children can unbureaucratically take up temporary jobs or do a period of practical training.

  • Company celebrations

  • Company celebrations are constantly organised where children are welcome More


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