Community spirit in the team

Good work should be celebrated. A strong community spirit motivates every individual and is an immense boost to team thinking. Everyone gets to know the others better. Everyone can profit from this, for the everyday interaction of colleagues works much more smoothly and customers notice this too.

Winter excursion to the Harz region
The company rented a complete house and invited the team with their family to a small ski and toboggan trip. More

Christmas tree event
An unforgettable Christmas tree event was organised for the entire family. More

Overnight hand car trip
A excursion together on a hand car trip was a lot of fun,
which everyone enjoyed. More

Barbecue together
Spontaneous lunchtime or evening barbecues are a matter of course. More

Football world championship
For the championship, staff enthusiastically followed the games on a large screen set up in the unfinished new company building. More

European football championship
There was a great atmosphere in the conference room for the 2008 cup. A sea of black, red & gold flags helped
every fan to give their best.


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