Press report archive 1999-2006

December 2006

November 2006

Elektronik Journal (?sterreichischer Wirtschaftsverlag) In no time at all - complex circuit board prototypes in express service (1,2 MB)
Elektronik Praxis (Vogel Medien) HDI and rigid-flex printed circuits
Productronic (H?thig Verlag) PCB maker on course for growth
Elektronik Journal (?sterreichischer Wirtschaftsverlag) HDI circuit boards and rigid-flex printed circuits

October 2006

Design & Elektronik (WEKA) Circuit boards as system components
Elektronik Journal (?sterreichischer Wirtschaftsverlag) Circuit boards in express process
E & E (publish industry verlag) Steep growth in 24 years
Elektronik (WEKA) New building in Berlin
SMT (SMT-Verlag) New QA manager
B.Z. (B.Z. Ullstein) Profile - A man who creates jobs
Good news (Senate for industry and employment in Berlin) The portrait - Successful entrepreneurs in Berlin

September 2006

August 2006

Die Welt (Axel Springer) Contag invests in a new location and creates jobs
Der Tagesspiegel (Urban Media) From a garage out into space (1,3 MB)
Berliner Morgenpost (Axel Springer) From a tinkerer to a high technology entrepreneur
MAZ (M?rkischer Verlag) From a tinkerer to a high technology boss
Spandauer Volksblatt (Berliner Wochenblatt) Contag chooses Spandau

July 2006

PLUS (Eugen Leuze) CONTAG at SMT 2006

November 2005

Elektronik (WEKA) Certificate for process management conforming to RoHS
Elektronik Journal (?sterreichischer Wirtschaftsverlag) CONTAG gets lead-free certificate
Elektronik Praxis (Vogel Medien) CONTAG is RoHS certified

July 2005

Elektronik Journal (?sterreichischer Wirtschaftsverlag) Name change in the news, company and people
Elektronik Praxis (Vogel Medien) Conti Leiterplatten becomes CONTAG

June 2005

Galvanotechnik (Eugen Leuze Verlag) Conti Leiterplatten becomes CONTAG GmbH

August 2002

July 1999

May 1999

April 1999


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