Laying out HDI boards for production

Processors are getting faster & faster, applications smaller, functions more extensive and systems more complex. This trend is also being followed by circuit boards. Especially the HDI/SBU technology offers a wide range of options to implement the latest technical requirements cost-effectively.

The series of technical articles, produced in cooperation with the magazine Elektronik Praxis, doesn't just explain the benefits and offer practical tips on the implementation of an HDI design. The interface to the manufacturer is also described, examining the production of a cost-effective design that is suitable for production.

Overview of the (German language) articles in the "HDI column"

Part 16 (last): Elektronik Praxis, issue 14, 21.07.2008 HDI/SBU technology and material selection when using microvias
Part 15: Elektronik Praxis, issue 12, 18.06.2008 Controlled impedance circuit boards in practice
Part 14: Elektronik Praxis, issue 10, 23.05.2008 Basics of controlled impedance circuit boards
Part 13: Elektronik Praxis, issue 8, 17.04.2008 Requirements on the substrate materials for circuit boards
Part 12: Elektronik Praxis, issue 6, 19.03.2008 Optimising the design rule check process
Part 11: Elektronik Praxis, issue 5, 05.03.2008 Design rules and their practical effects on quality and yield (1,0 MB)
Part 10: Elektronik Praxis, issue 2, 24.01.2008 The costs for a design using HDI/SBU
Part 9: Elektronik Praxis, version 24, 18.12.2007 Redesign in classic, standard technology
Part 8: Elektronik Praxis, issue 22, 21.11.2007 Laying out highly complex HDI circuit boards using hole plugging
Part 7: Elektronik Praxis, issue 20, 26.10.2007 Practical application of the aspect ratio
Part 6: Elektronik Praxis, issue 18, 21.09.2007 The significance of aspect ratio in designing circuit boards
Part 5: Elektronik Praxis, issue 16, 24.08.2007 Insulation spacing and solder resist openings
Part 4: Elektronik Praxis, issue 14, 20.07.2007 Residual pad size after drilling vias
Part 3: Elektronik Praxis, issue 12, 15.06.2007 Economic manufacturability of ultra-fine tracks
Part 2: Elektronik Praxis, issue 10, 16.05.2007 Decision criteria for HDI circuit boards
Part 1: Elektronik Praxis, issue 08, 18.04.2007 Recommendations for the design of an HDI circuit board for manufacture

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