Pattern plating


Combined deburring & brushing machine

This serves to remove any fine drill burrs left after drilling the circuit boards as well as roughening up the surface to prepare the surface for subsequent lamination and coating processes.

Made by: Höllmüller Maschinenbau GmbH
Type: HMS Bürste
Made in 2004
  • Oscillating rollers for an even surface
  • High pressure flush cleaning, to wash out the last residues of any dust produced by drilling
  • Automatic brush feed via panel thickness measurement

Plasma treatment system

The plasma treatment system is to desmear drilled holes to make sure that the copper in the sleeve bonds well. This makes the chemicals, that would otherwise be used, unnecessary as is the cleaning of the surface of special materials.

Made by: Plasonic Oberflächentechnik GmbH
Type: Plasonic LR 770
Made in 2007
  • Impeccable cleaning of drilled holes in all materials
  • High and efficient throughput

Shadow system

The shadow system is to add graphite traces to circuit boards prior to electroplating copper. This process ensures an economical, consistent, high quality for all of the available types of material.

Made by: Höllmüller Maschinenbau GmbH
Type: HMS Shadow
Made in 2007
  • Flexible transport
  • No waste water
  • Very good results for high aspect ratios


This loader system increases productivity in production processes, with low manual intervention. The handling is gentler when transferring circuit boards to the machines so the quality loss is less than for manual handling.

Made by: Waxco
Type: Various types
Made in 2007
  • Visual self-check
  • Suction pads pick the boards up and then put them carefully down in the new position


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