Quality assurance


Electrical test

From the customer's data, network lists can be produced and converted to test points. An electrical test of all tracks and vias on the circuit board will now follow. Possible open circuits or short circuits can be quickly and reliably detected.

Made by: atg Luther & Maelzer GmbH
Type: 3 off Electrical Flying Probe Testers ATG-A5, ATG-A3 and ATG-A1
Made in 2006, 2001, 2007
  • Simultaneous tests with 8 test heads (4 per side)
  • Digital signal processor per test head to directly evaluate position and measurements
  • Soft touch test heads with 5g needle pressure for reliable contacts
  • Automatic compensation of distortion and offset errors in the board under test
  • High voltage measurement (500V), connection test, insulation test, resistance test

AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection)

The circuit board is optically scanned and compared with the CAM (production) data. The smallest deviation from the data specified by the customer must be reliably detected.

Made by: Camtek
Type: Orion 828
Made in 2005
  • Deviations to 5 m detected
  • Variety of materials and surfaces can be tested: Photoresist on copper, internal and external layers of rigid and flexible circuit boards amongst others

Impedance test

Work preparation performs with the software from Polar Instruments Si8000 impedance calculations and designed according to the calculations a measuring coupon for manufacturing. The trace widths and spacings on the measuring coupon match the trace width and spacing on the printed circuit board (representative measurement). After the manufacturing process to review the setpoints to the finished printed circuit board is done

Made by: Polar Instruments
Type: Polar CTSI900s4
Made in: 2008
  • Test methode: Time domain reflectometry (TDR)
  • Ranges:
    20-150 Ohm (unbalanced)
    40-150 Ohm (differentially)
  • System bandwidth: > 1,75 Ghz

X-ray Spectrography

This instrument layer thicknesses are determined in the X-ray spectrography method. The required layer thickness of, for example, gold, nickel or tin are monitored continuously at CONTAG.

Made by: Helmut Fischer GmbH
Type: Fischerscope x-ulm
Made in: 2009
  • Microfocus tube
  • Simple table load due to the special design principle "primary beam from the bottom up"
  • High-resolution color video camera
  • Small collimators
  • Distance correction by DCM patented method

Digital Microscope

Extensive measurement tasks are routine quality assurance in PCB production. The optical control with simple magnifiers is long no longer sufficient. Our state of the art digital microscope enables not only a presentation at 2500 magnification but also a 3D display. With the corresponding measurement software and the high resolution camera, we create meaningful test documents.

Made by: Keyence Corporation
Type: VHX-2000D
Made in: 2014
  • 18 Megapixel camera with pixel shift
  • Image composition in high speed (2D / 3D)
  • High dynamic range (HDR) function
  • Automatic lens / zoom recognition DOUBLER
  • 2D / 3D display and measurement function
  • Fast Focus composition
  • Easy operation with motor-driven 3-axis control
  • RZ Lenses - High resolution viewing


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